YOURSAY | Harapan must project unity ahead of GE15

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YOURSAY | ‘Presently, it’s like ‘Three Stooges’ and ‘Mr Bean’.’ COMMENT | Talk of 2018 replay may land Harapan in nightmare Apanama is Back: The real problem in Pakatan Harapan now is disunity. Look at the leaders: PKR president Anwar Ibrahim, Amanah president Mohamad Sabu, DAP secretary-general Anthony Loke and, to a certain extent, DAP chairperson Lim Guan Eng. These party leaders are working and giving statements in isolation. Did anyone notice that, say, for the last six to eight months? All of them are not on the same page. If they were not on the same page, do you think I would vote for …

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