WATCH: Baker Mayfield’s wife defends comments about ‘fair weather fans’

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The 2019 season has not been kind to the Browns or quarterback Baker Mayfield.

This week, Mayfield’s wife Emily took to Instagram to defend her husband and his team … then had to defend herself.

Late Monday, Mrs. Mayfield posted a black screen to her IG story with a short note reading, “Fairweather fans are HILARIOUS TO ME. Get out of here.”

Browns’ fans did not take kindly to the message. Tuesday, Emily clarified that she noted talking about legitimate Cleveland fans (which, to be fair, would not have had a real opportunity to be “fair weather,” during the actual season). The former first overall draft pick’s with explained she, “didn’t expect to ruffle so many feathers,” adding “No, I was not directing that at the die-hard, loyal fans who have stuck around for years. I’m talking about the idiots who say horrible things about my husband and the team when we lose and are obsessing when we win. That is laughable to me.”

Emily added one final note, “…loyal fans, I see you!”

The Browns are 3-6, better than only the winless Bengals in the division, and host the Steelers (5-4) Thursday.

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