US Army Working With UFO Group on Controversial and Speculative Technology

US Army Working With UFO Group on Controversial and Speculative Technology

Brian Wang |
October 21, 2019 |

Blink-182 singer Tom DeLonge’s UFO research, called To the Stars Academy (TTSA), signed an agreement with the U.S. Army to study and develop advanced materials for beamed propulsion, inertial mass reduction and more.

Online sources indicate that Tom DeLonge has a net worth of about $80 million. Blink-182 sold over 25 million records.

TTSA agrees to share its discoveries with the Army’s GVSC and Ground Vehicle Survivability and Protection (GVSP) programs while the Army furnishes Delonge’s crack team of researchers with “laboratories, expertise, support, and resources to help characterize the technologies and its applications.”

“Our partnership with TTSA serves as an exciting, non-traditional source for novel materials and transformational technologies to enhance our military ground system capabilities,” Dr. Joseph Cannon of the nascent Army Futures Command said in the press release. “At the Army’s Ground Vehicle Systems Center, we look forward to this partnership and the potential technical innovations forthcoming.”

There is no money changing hands between the Army and TTSA. There is sharing of some resources and results.

To the Stars Academy Science Division is a theoretical and experimental laboratory that seeks to challenge conventional thinking and discover the next-generation of physics. We have access to World-renowned scientists with advanced knowledge to pursue the company’s research projects, which include quantum communication technology, the A.D.A.M. (Acquisition & Data Analysis of Materials) Research Project, and THE VAULT (formerly the Community of Interest).

The company’s Aerospace Division is dedicated to finding revolutionary breakthroughs in propulsion, energy, and communication. We are currently working with lead engineers from major Department of Defense and aerospace companies with the capability to pursue an advanced engineering approach to fundamental aerospace topics like Beamed-Energy Propulsion Launch Systems (“BELS”), Space-Time Metrics Engineering (“STME”), and warp-drive metrics.

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To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science is at the forefront of socializing the UFO conversation through entertainment media in the public and though leveraging the power of our team’s relationships. To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science allowed its personnel to be key cast members in a six-part docu-series on A+E’s History Channel, which includes licensed footage from the company’s film archive.

Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation is based on the December 2017 New York Times stunning front-page expose uncovering the Pentagon’s mysterious UFO program, the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (“AATIP”) featuring an interview with former military intelligence official, Luis Elizondo, who ran the program. The controversial story was the focus of worldwide attention.

Over 1 million people tuned in to each episode in the series that follows Luis Elizondo (Director of Global Security & Special Programs) speaking out for the first time with Tom DeLonge (Co-founder and President) and Chris Mellon (Advisor and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence) to expose a series of startling encounters, fascinating new investigations and bringing this information to powerful National Security policymakers in Congress.

They have annotated videos on UFOs that have been viewed over 9 million times.

They may be looking at the patents of Salvatore Cezar Pais. Salvatore is a US Navy researcher. Salvatore has three amazing patents that would be incredible breakthroughs in physics if they are true. The least extreme is a patent for Piezoelectricity-Induced Room Temperature Superconductor. The other two patents are gravity wave generator and inertial mass reduction.

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If these could be realized as technologies then we are talking Star Trek level spaceships. The gravitational wave generator could be used for propellantless propulsion to near the speed of light. Being able to reduce inertia would also mean capabilities that currently seem beyond known physics.

Areas of Technical Interest

To the Stars Academy of Art… by Victor I Nava on Scribd

a) Metamaterial: Samples of mechanical and EM sensitive metamaterial collected, obtained, or developed as part of its Field Operations

b) Material Analysis: Written data, information, and analysis related to tested materials

c) Quantum Communication:

1. Related research to-date on theories, studies, mathematical formulas, and protoypes

2. Future developments, prototypes, and hardware associated with the specific quantum product

d) Beamed Energy Propulsion

1. Launch vehicles, vehicle prototypes, and systems obtained or possessed

2. Data associated with testing, developing, and improving persistence or stability of launch vehicles or launch systems

3. Proposed application of these systems

e) Active Camouflage and Directed Photon Projection

1. Projection systems

2. Technology associated with these systems

3. Material projection surfaces

4. Proposed application of these systems

SOURCES – Task and Purpose, Scribd, To the Stars Academy, Vice

Written By Brian Wang,

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