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Seven-time Pro Bowl offensive lineman Trent Williams reported to the Redskins facility this week, and after failing his physical on Wednesday, Williams revealed that he was diagnosed with cancer this offseason.

Williams told reporters that he informed the Redskins of a growth on his head during Mike Shanahan’s last year as head coach in 2013, and was told by the team that it was a minor issue. The lump continued to grow, but he didn’t experience any pain, and believed he was fine, per the assessment of the Redskins. When Williams went to have what was thought to be a cyst removed from his head, doctors then realized it was a cancerous tumor, which was close to spreading to his brain.

Williams had three surgeries in the offseason, and said he lost 30 percent of his scalp during the procedures. Williams said he had not tried to put on his football helmet until his physical this week, and only failed because he felt discomfort due to the helmet, but coach Bill Callahan said Wednesday that he hopes Williams will be able to return.

The Redskins stated in a release after Williams told his story that the team has requested a third-party review of their handling of Williams’ medical care.


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