Tesla Third Version of Solar Roof Ready for Big Time

Tesla Third Version of Solar Roof Ready for Big Time

Brian Wang |
October 26, 2019 |

Tesla has launched the third version of its solar roof tile system.

This is Tesla’s third Roof with Integrated solar. It combines solar and non-solar tiles that appear similar to create a better aesthetic with a comparable price of a typical roof + solar panels. It is made with tempered glass. The Solar Roof tiles are more than three times stronger than standard roofing tiles.

The New California normal of multiple power outages every year will have strong demand for all solar installations and battery backup systems.

In Northern California, PG&E has already turned off the electricity for 500,000 people and will soon turn off power for about 2.5 million people for about 2-3 days. PG&E fears starting more fires during high wind conditions. Winds will gust to 70 mph in some locations. Power will go out in Oakland, San Jose, Berkeley, parts of San Mateo and other areas.

PG&E’s plan is to screw their customers. Customers will need to have alternatives to PG&E or other California utilities as a long term plan.

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