Super Heavy Starship Moon Mission Needs Ten-Ton Lander

Super Heavy Starship Moon Mission Needs a Ten-Ton Lunar Lander

Brian Wang |
October 29, 2019 |

Robert Zubrin indicates there is a need to stage the SpaceX Starship from low earth orbit or injection orbits for the moon and Mars. Missions to the moon would be far more efficient with a ten-ton lunar lander. This could be a mini-starship.

Mars mission should stage from the TMI (Trans Mars Injection) or low earth orbit.

The mini-Starship would look similar in size and shape to the Small Falcon Rocket. The Small Falcon Rocket was imagined a couple of years ago when Super Heavy Starship was called BFR. It would be similar size and possibly a bit smaller. It would fit inside the Starship and could be deployed from Starship.

Zubrin also mentions the problems of spreading large amounts of lunar material all over if there is attempt at landing the Starship on the moon. This would be a problem until there is landing pad made from lunar material turned into lunar concrete.

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