Solar, 12 Volt Fridges and Coolers for Power Outages

Solar, 12 Volt Fridges and Coolers for Power Outages

Brian Wang |
October 26, 2019 |

About 2.8 million people will be without power for 2-3 days in the Bay Area.

There is the full solar power and battery option for your house. This can cost $14000 for a 3.5 kilowatt system with batteries. This can power all or most of your house for 8 hours or longer with some power rationing and sunny days.

There are smaller off-grid solar power. You could size the system for lower power usage and essential for essential lighting and electronics.

There are gasoline and gas power generators. Many of them should not be run indoors. They would be outdoors and you run the extension cord inside. More permanent natural gas generators are more expensive and can require permits. There are options in the $500 to $5000 range.

Those who own a Tesla cannot power their house without voiding warranty but they can use camping mode for constant 12 volt power.

There are 12-volt fridges in the 16 quart to 84 quart size range for $250 to $650.

There are also five day coolers. A 120 quart cooler can only cost $60. Refreezable packs can be used. A massive outage would mean their not be a lot of ice available in stores. You may not be able to make enough ice to last a long outage.

Those who go camping or on long trips could have some additional uses for the 12-volt fridge and coolers.

A Tesla owner could get a $300 12-volt fridge to freeze and refreeze ice packs and two or three large 5-day coolers. $600 for the 12/volt fridge, ice packs and coolers would be a decent option. $200 in coolers and ice packs and pre-outage preparation could work.

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