‘SNL’: Will Ferrell’s Sondland tells Alec Baldwin’s Trump: ‘Keep the quid pro quo on the low-low’

Morgan Hines


Published 1: 32 AM EST Nov 24, 2019

Alec Baldwin once again donned his wig as President Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live,” this time to answer impeachment questions. 

As the cold open began, Baldiwn’s Trump told group of reporters at a press conference on the White House lawn: “Look, I know you probably have a lot of questions for me about this impeachment nonsense.”

He acted distracted by the loud helicopter behind him. “Everything is perfect, ok,” he said. “Thanks for all your questions.”

The reporters, which included cast members Mikey Day and Cecily Strong, pushed for information on the president’s relationship with Ambassador Gordon Sondland. Baldwin’s Trump, responded that he doesn’t even know that guy, it’s “fake news.”

Then, he presented notes that he took down on phone calls with a “big black magic marker,” which he noted liking better than Sharpies, due to the scent.

They included an order for two large pies with extra cheese and extra sausage… Not quite the set of notes he was looking for originally, Baldwin’s Trump concluded.

There was “no quid pro quo,” he responded to reporters asking about other conversations.

Then, Sondland, portrayed by episode host and former cast member Will Ferrell, sporting a bald cap, appeared behind Trump. 

“Keep the quid pro quo on the low-low, I got it,” he said.

Ferrell’s Sondland then threw Baldwin’s Trump right under the bus — he told reporters that they better back off his guy, everyone loves him — including Ukraine and Russia.

“They’ll do anything for this man. I know, I asked,” Ferrell said as Sondland.

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