Smash Summit 12 invites prove a new Melee meta is on the horizon

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Smash Summit is one of Melee most’s watched events of the year. In addition to featuring the best Melee talent in the World, Beyond the Summit’s signature event uniquely channels the chill of a friendly kick-back with side events and the notorious Mafia matches after hours. It’s the sitcom staple of Melee heads. As Smash Summit 12’s Decem 9-12th start day grows nearer, the final list of invited players has been confirmed. 11 invited and qualified players at Smash Summit 12Hungrybox – JigglypuffPipsqueak – FoxWizzrobe – Captain FalconSFAT – FoxiBDW – FoxKoDoRiN – MarthGinger – FalcoaMSa …

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