Robots Microsoft’s cutting-edge, super-slim $1,000 Surface Pro X laptop doesn’t have a headphone jack


  • The brand-new Microsoft Surface Pro X is a cutting-edge, super-slim tablet/laptop hybrid with an innovative chip that affords it a long, 13-hour battery life while running Windows 10. And it doesn’t have a headphone jack.
  • It’s the first laptop in recent memory that doesn’t come with the familiar 3.5mm hole on its side where you can plug in your trusty wired headphones. 
  • Microsoft has wireless headphones you can use, including the Surface Headphones and brand-new Surface Buds, but there are better options out there.
  • The company has its own $12 USB-C to headphone jack dongle for those who simply can’t part with their wired headphones. 
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First it was Apple that ditched the headphone jack. Then it was almost every Android phone. Laptops appeared safe, though. Even Apple’s USB-C-only MacBook Pros have headphone jacks, despite the company’s apparent distaste for them.

But now, it’s Microsoft casting the first stone against headphone jacks on laptops. 

The new Microsoft Surface Pro X is a cutting-edge, super-slim tablet/laptop hybrid with an innovative chip that affords it a long 13-hour battery life. And it doesn’t have a headphone jack.

Robots Surface Pro X 010

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For some, this will be totally fine. Either you’ve already moved onto wireless Bluetooth headphones before the headphone jack massacre, or you made the move since buying a smartphone that doesn’t feature a headphone jack.

For others, Microsoft is setting a precedent that future laptops won’t include a headphone jack — and other laptop makers may follow suit.

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Microsoft didn’t ditch the headphone jack on Surface Pro X without giving you some wireless alternatives. There’s the Surface Headphones, and on Wednesday, Microsoft announced its new Surface Buds, too. Still, both models are pretty expensive at $350 and $250, respectively. 

But, if you absolutely want to stick to your wired headphones, Microsoft has you covered: The company also made its very own USB-C to headphone jack dongle! It’s $12.

To be sure, almost every other laptop has a headphone jack. The Surface Pro X isn’t your only laptop option. I’d personally recommend the Lenovo 7th-generation X1 Carbon to anyone who wants great performance, ultra-light portability in a sleek, classic shell. But the future of the wired headphone is looking gloomier every year as more and more devices ditch the 3.5mm hole on the sides of your devices. 

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