President Jimmy Carter enters hospital before surgery to relieve pressure on his brain

Savannah Behrmann


Published 9: 59 PM EST Nov 11, 2019

WASHINGTON –  Former President Jimmy Carter was admitted to Emory University Hospital Monday night prior to a procedure to relieve pressure on his brain.

Carter, 95, is expected to receive the operation Tuesday morning, the Carter Center announced ahead of the procedure.

The statement says that the pressure on his brain was caused by bleeding from some recent falls.

Carter, the oldest living former president, suffered a minor pelvic fracture earlier after a fall at his home in Plains, Georgia in late October.

On Oct. 6, he fell and hit his forehead on a sharp edge at his home. The injury required 14 stitches and left him with a bruised left eye. 

“President Carter is resting comfortably, and his wife, Rosalynn, is with him,” the statement concludes.

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