On behalf of all sportswriters who thought the Browns would be good, I’m sorry

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The Browns lost to the Broncos on Sunday afternoon, dropping Cleveland to 2-6 on the season.

The team didn’t handle it well. Browns QB Baker Mayfield gave himself a sad mustache and became the best new meme of the NFL season. Cleveland safety Jermaine Whitehead got his Twitter suspended for threatening people. Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry had to take their shoes off.

It was bad. It’s been bad. This whole season has been a disaster.

A lot of sportswriters, and I’m included in this, didn’t see this coming. We thought (shudder), the Browns would be good this year.

On behalf of all of us, I’d like to apologize.

We got … we got excited. Baker Mayfield! Odell Beckham Jr.! Nick Chubb! A new swagger about them! They’d been bad for years, but those draft picks had to pay off sometime, right? This is a league of parity! It was time! It was definitely time!

It was not time. Hoo BUDDY was it not time.

The Browns are 2-6. Their offense has been anemic, which our own Steven Ruiz has broken down at length — Steven noted that Mayfield, unfortunately, has a ton to do with it. Mayfield has always been a great scrambler, but this year he’s not even trusting the pocket when he’s got one, and doing a Happy Feet impression even when his line buys him time.

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The defense, well, the defense just isn’t good.

I mean, I don’t speak for all sportswriters, but I feel confident extending a general sort of apology: We’re sorry. This one is on us.

Sunday’s Big Winner: Miami Heat (and NBA Twitter)

The Heat absolutely demolished the Rockets on Sunday, leading by as many as 41 points in the first half. The Rockets’ defense is bad, really bad, and NBA Twitter was there to make all of the jokes.

Quick Hits: Willie Taggart, NASCAR Beef, Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich

-Florida State will end up paying three (!) buyouts, totaling over $20 million, to fire Willie Taggart.

-Looking for NASCAR beef? We got some NASCAR beef.

-Deshaun Watson credited his healed eye to a Popeye’s chicken sandwich he ate earlier this week. Sometimes marketing opportunities just fall from the sky. Or like, flap a little bit and get airborne for a few seconds.

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