NYC Deploys IoT Sensors to Monitor Traffic and Reboot Signals

New York City’s traffic signals are going decidedly high-tech, with the rollout of IoT sensors, according to a press release by Transition Networks, Inc. The new system will monitor traffic at some 10,000 intersections and reboot malfunctioning signals.

Transition Networks is working with the NYC Department of Transportation to deploy Power-over-Ethernet (PoE+) switches at the intersections. PoE provides power and data over a single cable, making it ideal for the types of sensors and cameras needed.

“Today, intersections have more than traffic signals. As more transportation agencies look to use actionable intelligence to monitor trends and improve service, they are deploying technology to assess traffic congestion, safety and pedestrian counts. Transition Networks’ PoE solution will connect and power cameras and sensors at over 10,000 traffic intersections that collect this vital information. In addition, key features on the Transition Networks’ switches will save the agency time and costs associated with maintenance.

“Currently, if a device stops working at an intersection, the agency must take multiple actions prior to deploying a repair technician. This includes scheduling a technician to evaluate the issue and deploying a bucket truck to reach the device. Once the technician is at the site, the lane closures cause significant stress and traffic delays for motorists. Many times the fix only requires a reboot of the device. Transition Networks’ Auto Power Reset (APR) feature provides the ability to remotely reboot or manage Transition Networks’ equipment fixing the issue within minutes and eliminating all of the lane closure requirements. This feature alone will save the agency significant costs and lessen traffic disruptions by reducing the need to send a technician to inspect equipment.

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“Another key feature is Transition Networks’ Device Management System (DMS) software, which creates an interactive map to see all connected devices, enabling the agency to pinpoint issues and quickly take action. DMS has been an important function for several smart city projects including an installation at New York City’s Brooklyn Bridge.”

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