NFL fans rightly crushed Jason Garrett for kicking a field goal late in loss to Patriots

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Jason Garrett did it again.

The Dallas Cowboys coach – who is seemingly always making Cowboys fans upset by things that he does during games – made a decision late in Sunday’s loss to the Patriots that had everyone scratching their heads… as well as pointing and laughing.

The Cowboys trailed the Patriots by seven points and moved the ball down to the Patriots’ 11 yard line. Facing a fourth-and-seven with 6: 04 left in the game, Garrett opted to kick a field goal, even though the Cowboys WERE DOWN BY SEVEN POINTS.

Troy Aikman talked the whole drive about how it was a four-down drive for the Cowboys because it was midway through the fourth quarter and they’re facing the best defense in the league. You had to get seven points on that drive. Just HAD to.

But then Garrett called the field goal unit on, the kick was good, and… the Cowboys went on to lose by four points.

Not. Great.

Fans watching crushed Garrett:

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