Mistaken Identity, Stephen A. Goes Off, Jim Ross Dubs Highlight the Will Smith–Chris Rock Fallout: TRAINA THOUGHTS

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By Jimmy Traina Mistaken Identity, Stephen A. Goes Off, Jim Ross Dubs: The Will Smith–Chris Rock Fallout. 1. You know what happened at Sunday night’s Oscars, so I’m not going to rehash it. I’ll just offer a few quick thoughts off the top here. A) I’m a HUGE Chris Rock fan and he’s a top-five funniest person of all time in my opinion. Also, Will Smith has always been … odd. B) I’d bet money less than 50% of the people who saw what happened understood the G.I. Jane reference. C) I’ll make a prediction right now: Will Smith and Chris Rock will present an award together at next year’s Oscars. D) I…

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