Marvin Steinberg, CEO of CPITech, Uses Securitized Tokens to Raise Funds and Grow Companies

Marvin Steinberg is the founder of CPITech. CPITech is helping clients to raise funds at lower costs than IPO using Securitized Tokens and they are helping companies to grow traffic and grow the profits of companies.

They automate marketing and promotion.

Marvin Steinberg became known by revolutionizing the entire German energy industry. He created an affiliate sales network with thousands of sellers which sold 5000 energy contracts per month. This business was sold to a multi-national.

Marvin then started CPITech and one of its projects is to tokenize part of Times Square in New York for $700 million.

Nextbigfuture interviewed Marvin Steinberg

Describe the story of your transition after selling the energy company.

After selling my energy distribution company “db swpro” to an American multinational and making a successful exit in 2016, I noticed that there’s an unstoppable trend emerging in the cryptocurrency and blockchain markets that will revolutionize the economy as we know it.

However, at the time, this innovative industry was still relatively new and it was the perfect opportunity to jump in before others and strive towards becoming the #1 expert in the crypto field so that when the industry did mature, my company, CPI Technologies would be ready to take on the biggest and most complex projects internationally.

So I teamed up with Maximilian Schmidt, who I knew was one of the leading experts in technical crypto solutions, made him the CEO, and used my experience building successful companies to grow CPI Technologies to become the global leader in STO solutions within just a few years.

So that now, we are able to generate impressive results for our clients, like:

124% average yearly sales increase with custom marketing campaigns

23+ Successfully completed high-value projects during last year

420% average visitor increase for traffic campaigns

$100k+/month average profit increase for its clients

How large is the CPITech team now?

At the moment we’re just over 30 people and we’re steadily growing month by month.

Most of our team members are located in Germany, but we also have a few international experts on our team in various fields who contribute a lot to our success as well.

Our organizational philosophy is based around creating a lean A-team that is able to handle any challenge that might come up with deadly efficiency – just like a German company should be able to 🙂

CPITech is based in Germany. How many clients are global or international?

We’re the #1 full-stack STO service provider in Germany and we aim to become the #1 on a global scale as well within the next few years. However, there are a few projects we’re involved in that have never been done before by anyone else – like the $700MM Times Square tokenization project, the first of its kind ever.

I’d say most of our clients are international, ranging from New York and Dubai to even Hong Kong.

CPITech says that they can enable profitability for clients within 3 months. What are some prominent success stories of CPITech clients?

Since we’re bound by NDAs, I can’t share specific details, but all of our clients go through a similar process.

First, they come to us with very specific problems because they know that we’re the best in the World at solving them. Then, our team creates a detailed STO strategy based on their specific pains, fears, hopes, dreams, and challenges. Up next, we build a rock-solid system that will be able to fully handle their STO, and then finally – perhaps our main strength – is that we have a dedicated marketing & sales team that makes sure the project is successful and our client is able to turn an ROI very quickly.

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STOs are very profitable and they cost far less than IPOs, for example. Add to this our award-winning marketing team, and you’ve got a winner right there.

How many clients does CPITech have? How many CPITech clients are profitable?

Currently, we and our partners are involved in 43+ successful projects, and I’m happy to announce that all of them are profitable to various degrees.

Sure, it’s completely possible that a project starts out as unprofitable, however, our amazing marketing team has been able to fix that every single time so far, and will continue doing so in the future as well as we grow bigger and invest in them even more.

The 420% increase in visitor claim, Can you describe what kind of customers and traffic is being increased?

Each of our clients have different specific requirements, but at the end of the day, they all want relevant eyeballs reading about their projects in a cost-effective way. I mentioned our award-winning marketing team a few times before and I’ll do it again: We’re really good at driving qualified, high-quality traffic to the platforms we build for our clients.

We achieve this by focusing heavily on SEO, PR, and conversion rate optimization, but we also use more creative strategies as well because due to some regulations imposed by Facebook and Google, we can’t run typical PPC campaigns for certain projects. So we get creative and promote it via other methods, that aren’t so competitive. This is also one of the reasons why we can get leads for our clients at much lower costs than our competition.

Describe the average clients that are achieving $100K/month in increased average profit?

We can’t help everyone create successful STOs because the project’s success depends on a lot of factors that we don’t have control of.

So that’s why we have an ideal client profile that we usually work with. The common thing connecting all of our clients is that they all have already successful companies or a proof of concept and they’re looking to genuinely help people or make the World better.

Some of our clients are huge 9+ figure companies but we also work with smaller startups that have a promising product and have the right attitude. Size isn’t necessarily the most important thing but vision is.

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Which of the product or service offerings are most popular?

We’ve tried a few things in the past but now we specialize in Security Token Offerings (STO) exclusively, since I honestly believe that this technology holds the key to a worldwide transformation of the economic system in the near future.

STOs are like IPO 2.0 and they’re far superior to anything else on the market (including ICOs), mainly because they provide tons of amazing benefits, like:

* The ability to raise more funds in record time without the hassle & uncertainty of traditional fundraising

* A cost-effective way to get instant access to a worldwide pool of investors and virtually unlimited funding opportunities (hundreds of times larger than the ICO market)

* Unprecedented freedom because – in contrast to stocks – STOs are globally liquid and not anchored to any trading platform.

* Peace of mind and lower risk because of cutting-edge blockchain technology and comprehensive regulatory controls that make scam almost impossible.

* The flexibility to raise funds not only for blockchain-based projects, but also for traditional enterprises, IT companies, and even general startups.

* Measurable and regulated investment risk, with guaranteed respect for the rights of investors. In contrast to utility tokens, a security token (Type #2) is a full-fledged instrument investment, since it’s secured by a particular asset

Instant online access to investment markets, and the ability to become “globally liquid”, thereby not being anchored to any trading platform (unlike traditional stocks and stock markets).

* Better protection for both the issuing company and the investor because of verified investor eligibility and automatically secured investor rights

How did the blockchain-crypto downturn impact CPITech?

Not much. And this is a great example of why STOs are so much better than other investment vehicles: they’re not necessarily tied to the sporadic value fluctuations of various cryptocurrencies. For example, even though Bitcoin lost 20% of its value lately, STO projects are still backed by real-World assets like real estate, that dont’ really care about these fluctuations.

And what would happen if the real estate market collapsed, let’s say? Well, people would still need to invest somewhere and then the crypto market would increase. We have a balanced portfolio that’s good in all conditions.

What is the current state of the blockchain crypto market?

At the moment, almost everyone agrees that the cryptocurrency industry is going to grow in 2020. Of course, nobody knows which coins are going to win the most, but it’s safe to assume that Bitcoin will have at least one other major jump, due to its halving event on the 14th of May, 2020.

We are living in the 4th Industrial Revolution and technology – including crypto & blockchain – will be a bigger part of our lives next year.

Sure, some people always argue that this industry is overrated and paint bleak pictures of the future, but continued investment by the likes of FedEx, IBM, Walmart, and Mastercard in blockchain technologies will start to show real-World results soon. And that’s not even mentioning Facebook launching its own blockchain-based cryptocurrency Libra.

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And again, once these things happen, the general public will also experience a sudden shift in their perception of these technologies. The future of the cryptocurrency industry is very bright.

What is the state of STO tokens and STO fundraising?

The market is already growing at a ridiculous speed, and this is going to accelerate even more as we move into 2020 and more companies start using blockchain technology in their day to day business practices.

Once that happens, there’s going to be a critical shift in the perception of these technologies by the general public as well. Of course, as Bitcoin’s value will most likely go up, this will also fuel growth even more.

Another key thing to consider is that the current trade tensions are going to cause global trade to slow down a bit, lowering certain market caps, and resulting in investors losing confidence in traditional investments that barely produce returns in the current climate.

Couple this with likely market and currency fluctuations, and it becomes clear why people will definitely invest more in cryptocurrencies and turn to STOs for more fundraising.

There’s no question that demand for STOs is rising at an incredible rate… the only question is whether companies will be able to properly carry out their own STOs in time before their competition does. One thing’s for certain, the smart ones already have a head start.

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