How Long-Suffering Jennifer Put Up With Sly’s Other Women: From Sophia Loren To Angie Everhart & Even Toe-Sucking Duchess Fergie!

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When Sylvester Stallone met model Jennifer Flavin, he ate and exercised to lose his muscles and shed his macho image. Call it, from Rambo to Slimbo. Flavin, at 22, became the latest in a long list of lovers — but unlike most, she loved him for his brain, not his brawn. “I’ve finished with piling on muscle and pumping iron, and I’m no longer eating red meat,” he boasted soon after the pair started dating. “It’s OK if you’re a bodybuilder or a football pro, but for an ordinary guy, it’s all artificial. I don’t make that kind of film any more — so I don’t need to look like that.” Young Jennifer p…

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