How do the 2022 Bears compare with the worst teams in franchise history? A look at some of the ‘darkest and dreariest’ years.

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Chicago Tribune

CHICAGO — The Chicago Bears had just lost by 31 points to a division rival, one of what would become 13 losses in the season. In the Chicago Tribune the next day, the Bears coach was quoted as calling it “one of the darkest and dreariest days in Bear history.” A little more than 53 years later, the Bears again lost to a division rival by 31 points, the 13th loss of the season. The current coach wasn’t as dramatic as the former, but he was quoted in the Tribune as saying, “It doesn’t sit well.” The first coach was Jim Dooley, whose 1969 Bears went 1-13. One of those losses was a 31-0 beating by…

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