Hillary Clinton shares most mischievous thing Chelsea did while growing up in the White House

Hannah Yasharoff


Published 9: 05 AM EST Nov 6, 2019

Hillary Clinton shared the most out-of-line thing daughter Chelsea Clinton did while growing up in the White House, but it may not resonate with many parents.

Appearing Tuesday on “The Late Late Show,” Hillary and Chelsea were both asked by host James Corden about the “most mischievous thing Chelsea did as a teenager in the White House.” During President Bill Clinton’s two terms in the ’90s, Chelsea, now 39, moved into the Executive Residence at 12 and officially moved out at 20. 

Chelsea’s answer? “Nothing.” 

“I already know that’s (expletive),” Corden joked while reading over her shoulder. “You did nothing mischievous?”

Chelsea responded with a smile: “I was perfect, James.” But the former first lady had a different recollection of her daughter’s rebellious streak as a teen. 

“My answer was ‘order pizza,’ ” Hillary said. “Here’s what I mean by that: when your’e in the White House, you can’t order pizza. And so when she would have friends over, they’d want to order pizza and it kept causing all kinds of commotion with the Secret Service. 

“You’d get calls,” she recalled. “You know, ‘there’s a guy down here who says he’s delivering pizza to the White House.’ We’d say, ‘No, no, that – no!’ “

“Well, yeah. Yeah, they did, they ordered pizza,” Hillary concluded. 

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