Flights resume after ‘threatening note’ found on plane at Atlanta airport

Sara M Moniuszko


Published 2: 36 PM EDT Nov 2, 2019

Operations are back to normal after a “threatening note” was found Saturday on an American Airlines flight at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport that caused a halt in flights. 

Atlanta Police confirmed no threat was found after searching the aircraft.  

The airport confirmed the incident in a statement posted to Twitter.

“Shortly before 7am, prior to departure from the gate, a threatening note was found aboard an American Airlines flight bound for DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport),” the statement read. 

The statement continued, “A temporary ground stop that had been in effect has been lifted and operations at the airport are back to normal.”

Passengers on the Dallas-bound flight were disembarked and re-screened while officers conducted a security sweep of the plane, according a statement from the Atlanta Police Department.

About an hour after responding to the threat, police gave the “all clear.” 

“No threat found and no arrests made,” their statement continued. “Thank you for your patience as we worked to ensure the security of passengers at our airport.”

Police have not released details on what the note said. 

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