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Finalists in synchronized trampoline jumping among men and women announced at 28th FIG Age Group Competitions in Baku

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By Trend The finalists in the synchronized trampoline jumping program for men and women in the 15-16 age group were unveiled at the 28th FIG Trampoline Gymnastics World Age Group Competitions in Baku, Trend reports on Nov. 27. According to the information, the woman gymnasts who reached the final are: Maryia Siarheyeva and Viyaleta Bardzilouskaya (Belarus), Natalia Blokhina and Angelika Alysheva (Russia), Natalia Olefir and Anzhela Bladtceva (Russia), Diana Sarafova and Kristina Stamova (Bulgaria), Havva Esin Ergun and Ecem Nisa Esen (Turkey), Kiko Misaki Ishida (Japan), Maya Moeller and Aurel…

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