Elon Musk Tweets Optimus Robot Video, OPTI Token Jumps 25%: ‘Opportunity For Quick Money-Making,’ Says Expert

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Wednesday sent the memecoin World into a frenzy with a tweet showcasing his company’s humanoid robot, Optimus. What Happened: The tweet, featuring a video of the robot performing tasks, ignited a significant surge in the price of Optimus AI (CRYPTO: OPTI), a memecoin built around Musk’s robot. Optimus, which was trading at about 21 cents and a market cap of 21.8 million, surged to a market cap of about 28 million immediately after Musk’s tweet. Why It Matters: Blockchain entrepreneur Bruno Volcovinsky told Benzinga that people recognize the power of Musk’s statements and…

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