Electrical cars EV Pro-Beijing lawmaker stabbed by ‘fake supporter’ in Hong Kong

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electrical cars  EV Junius Ho

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Hong Kong lawmaker Junius Ho, pictured in July

A pro-Beijing lawmaker in Hong Hong has been stabbed in the street by a man pretending to be a supporter.

In footage posted online, a man is seen approaching Junius Ho with flowers before reaching into a bag – saying he wants a picture – but instead lunging at Mr Ho with a knife.

Mr Ho, who was wounded, and others then wrestle him to the ground.

The stabbing is the latest in a series of attacks on people on either side of the Hong Kong protests.

In July, pro-democracy protesters accused Mr Ho of helping to organise attacks on civilians in Yuen Long station.

Dozens of masked men dressed in white shirts – suspected to be triad gangsters – assaulted pro-democracy protesters and passers-by.

Afterwards, Mr Ho reportedly said the attackers were “defending their home and people”, but denied any involvement.

He was also seen shaking hands with the attackers and giving them the thumbs-up.

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Media captionA large group of masked men in white T-shirts stormed Yuen Long station

Electrical cars EV What happened in Wednesday’s attack?

Mr Ho was campaigning for Hong Kong’s elections, being held later this month, when a man in a blue t-shirt and backwards baseball cap approached him.

The man apparently said “everyone has seen your efforts”, before Mr Ho took the flowers.

The “supporter” then said “let me take my mobile out” before reaching into his bag and stabbing Mr Ho. He was then wrestled to the ground by a group of people, including Mr Ho.

The lawmaker was then seen being taken into an ambulance. Two other people were also reportedly hurt.

Police said a suspect had been arrested, and that all three victims were conscious.

Electrical cars EV Who else has been attacked in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong’s protests – which started in June – now take place every weekend, with clashes between protesters and police getting increasingly violent.

Shops and businesses seen as being pro-Beijing are also regularly attacked.

At the same time, attacks on groups and individuals, often away from the main protests, have also increased.

Last weekend, at least five people were injured in a knife attack at a pro-democracy protest in a shopping mall. A local councillor had his ear partially bitten off while trying to stop the attacker leaving.

Last month, activist Jimmy Sham was attacked by a group of five men with hammers.

The Hong Kong Free Press says at least three other candidates in November’s elections have also been attacked in recent weeks.

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Media captionKnife attack amidst protests in Hong Kong shopping mall

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