Electrical cars EV Brexit: MPs heckled after vote

Electrical cars EV

Andrea Leadsom and Michael Gove were among MPs heckled as they left Parliament following a vote on the Letwin amendment.

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott was also filmed being jeered at by pro-Brexit demonstrators.

The planned vote on Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal was pre-empted by the Letwin amendment, which effectively requires the PM to ask for a third extension to the UK’s planned departure.

The primary aim of the amendment is to make sure that Britain can’t leave the EU on 31 October without legislation in place.

By law, Mr Johnson now has to ask the EU for another extension, but he insists he won’t do this.

He says he’ll introduce legislation to leave at the end of the month, giving MPs a choice of his deal or no deal.

Meanwhile, a supporters of a People’s Vote held a marched through central London.

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