‘Disgusting’: Plane passenger dangles dirty feet above woman’s face in cringeworthy photo

Cydney Henderson


Published 11: 45 PM EST Nov 12, 2019

One traveler is rightfully making a stink about her neighbor’s in-flight behavior. 

Reddit user u/Addian4 shared a photo Sunday from an unidentified woman’s uncomfortable plane ride, thanks to an inconsiderate passenger who apparently needs a lesson on proper airplane etiquette. 

In the picture, the woman looks visibly disgusted as the passenger directly behind her dangles their feet over her headrest, just inches away from her face. (It is not clear which airline the woman was traveling on.)

“This is the one thing I am most worried about before getting on a plane,” the Reddit user captioned the photo, which was shared on the “mildly infuriating” forum. 

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The post received over 1,000 comments, with users calling the traveler’s behavior “gross,” “so dirty” and “disgusting.” Another user said the photo can double as a “horror movie poster.”

This isn’t the first instance of a barefoot bandit being passenger-shamed on a plane, and it’s most likely not going to be the last. 

Last year, Olympic snowboarding star Shaun White savagely shaded a fellow flyer in a quick Instagram video of the passenger behind him wiggling her toes over his head.

Olympic-level passenger shaming: Shaun White calls out flyer for putting feet on seat

One passenger took matters a step further by using his bare feet to operate a plane’s touch-screen TV in front of him in July. 

People were quick to react to the unsanitary incident in the replies, with one person writing, “This is the most disturbing thing I’ve seen on twitter.”

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