COVID-19 news and updates: How to hug in the coronavirus pandemic; why Iceland is back to normal (mostly); Amy Acton exits

COVID-19 news and updates: How to hug in the coronavirus pandemic; why Iceland is back to normal (mostly); Amy Acton exits

Need a hug? You’re not the only one. The global coronavirus pandemic that has resulted from the persistent spread of COVID-19 has left many people very lonely

The New York Times recently talked to experts who study airborne viruses for input on the safest way to give a snuggle. You can read more here.

Keep in mind the novel infection spreads by respiratory droplets which is why there is such an emphasis on mask-wearing. Also, if your household includes someone at high-risk, everyone who comes in contact with them should act as if they also are at higher risk, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends. Definitely don’t hug or kiss them even if you’ve been social distancing.

✅ New headlines Friday: CNN reports an oral polio vaccine already widely available could be another tool in the toolbox in the fight against COVID-19. Elsewhere, the San Francisco Chronicle takes a look at a study that indicates 100% face mask use + targeted shutdowns could stymie another round of infections.

By the numbers: The coronavirus isn’t going away anytime soon. Confirmed cases in the United States are more than 2 million, according to the Johns Hopkins University dashboard. America’s death toll is nearing 114,000. Globally, there are more than 7.5 million confirmed cases and almost 422,000 people have died.

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What’s in the news

  • Amy Acton out:   Dr. Amy Acton became both a beloved and polarizing figure to Ohioans amid the crisis. She has resigned as the state’s health director. – Columbus Dispatch

  • Pence pic:  The VP posted, then deleted, a tweet with photo of Trump campaign staffers not wearing masks or distancing. – USA TODAY

  • 500,000 cases in Russia: Lockdowns are lifting even though cases are increasing rapidly. – CNBC

  • Hawaii travel, cult arrests: At least 20 people belonging to a self-claimed religious cult were arrested in Hawaii for violating the state’s 14-day visitor quarantine, which Gov. David Ige is extending through July. – Hawaii News Now, Honolulu Civil Beat

  • Antibody cocktails: Regeneron Pharmaceuticals says human trials are starting on a therapy that could treat as well as prevent infection. – CNN

  • Great Clips mystery: Two hairstylists at the same salon in Missouri were infected. None of the 140 clients they saw got sick. No one knows why. – Kansas City Star

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What we’re reading

Libraries are needed more than ever. But many aren’t sure how to reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic. Read more.

Why are states seeing a surge in coronavirus cases? Though experts aren’t exactly sure why certain states are experiencing an unexpected uptick in cases, they said lifting lockdown restrictions, isolated outbreaks and the virus catching up to communities previously not impacted may each play a role. Read more.

Summer movies and TV. The coronavirus pandemic is changing both filming and scheduling, so viewers should manage their expectations

Remember the janitors. Hospital janitors receive low pay, little respect as they risk their lives to limit the spread of the coronavirus. USA TODAY’s Lindsay Schnell on the custodians who are risking their lives

Iceland is back to normal – kind of. Much of the World has tried and failed to tamp down the impact the coronavirus is having on their countries. This is how they did it, via MarketWatch.

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