Carnival of Space 631

Brian Wang |
October 1, 2019 |

The Carnival of Space 631 is up at Urban Astronomer.

Universe Today – Hayabusa 2 has one Last Lander it’s Going to Throw at Ryugu.

JAXA (Japan Space Agency) posted time-lapse photos of target markers falling towards the surface of the Ryugu asteroid. There was a slight parabolic arc to their descent. , also issued a statement about the agency’s success.

Professor Makoto Yoshikawa, Hayabusa 2’s mission manager at JAXA, said during a press briefing at the European Planetary Science Congress (which is still taking place in Geneva, Switzerland):

“We released two target markers from an altitude of about 1 kilometer, and these images were just released. The purpose of this release is a rehearsal of the release of the MINERVA-II-2 small rover next month… We can observe the target marker’s orbit around Ryugu and we can then determine the gravity field of Ryugu in detail, so this is a new operation.”

Universe Today – Venus Could Have Supported Life for Billions of Years

Universe Today – Enceladus Causes Snowfall On Other Moons of Saturn

Nextbigfuture – SpaceX Starship Will Be Fully Operational Tomorrow [Friday coverage].

Nextbigfuture – Roadmap to space warping experiments in the lab

Nextbigfuture – SpaceX installed battery packs equal to the batteries used in four Tesla Model X cars to power the movement of wings on the SpaceX Starship. Moving the wings will enable the Starship to generate lift during re-entry to lower the peak temperature. This along with lightweight reusable tile heatshields will prevent damage during re-entry. Elon Musk presented the new SpaceX orbital Starship design on September 28.

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Nextbigfuture – The summary of Elon Musk’s super heavy starship presentation is here.

Nextbigfuture – The main constraint on the SpaceX Super-Heavy booster is ramping up the production of the Raptor engines. They will need 100 Raptor engines to get to the orbital test. They build one Raptor engine currently every eight days. In 2 months SpaceX wants to get to one Raptor engine every two days. By Q12020, they want to get to one engine every day. This means the orbital flight would not be until about March, 2020.

Nextbigfuture – SpaceX has new renderings of a Mars City using the new Starship design.

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