Carnival of Space 629

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September 17, 2019 |

The Carnival of Space 629 is up at Universe Today.

Universe Today – Europe and US are Going to Try and Deflect an Asteroid

The three-day International AIDA Workshop, which ran from Sept. 11th to 13th, focused on the development of the joint NASA-ESA Asteroid Impact Deflection Assessment (AIDA) mission.

The purpose of this two-spacecraft system is to deflect the orbit of one of the bodies that make up the binary asteroid Didymos, which orbits between Earth and Mars. While one spacecraft will collide with a binary Near-Earth Asteroid (NEA), the other will observe the impact and survey the crash site in order to gather as much data as possible about this method of asteroid defense.

The target for this joint mission is Didymos, a near-Earth binary asteroid system that consists of a larger asteroid and an orbiting “moonlet”. The main body of this system measures about 780 meters (2,560 ft) in diameter while its moonlet measures about 160 m (525 ft) in diameter. It was selected as part of a careful decision process that sought a deflection target that could provide a maximum scientific return.

NASA’s contribution to AIDA is known as the Double Asteroid Impact Test (DART) spacecraft, which is currently under construction. The Italian-made miniature CubeSat known as the Light Italian CubeSat for Imaging of Asteroids (LICIA) will be accompanying DART and deploying simultaneously to record the moment of impact.

The Hill -With SpaceX’s Starhopper, spaceflight opportunities open for Texas

The SpaceX Starship would serve at first as a compliment and then as an alternative to NASA’s plan to return to the moon, involving the Space Launch System that is billions of dollars over budget and years behind schedule.

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NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine has suggested that vehicles like the Starship may be used to deliver cargo to the future moon base being planned for the late 2020s on a pay-on-delivery basis.

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