Anne Hathaway shows off her growing baby bump on her 37th birthday: ‘Feeling so much love’

Cydney Henderson


Published 12: 01 AM EST Nov 16, 2019

Anne Hathaway is happily bumping along.

The “Hustle” star showed off her growing baby bump (and her good hair day) on Instagram Friday in celebration of her 37th birthday earlier this week.

“Feeling so much love this birthday week!” wrote Hathaway, who cradled her belly in a sun-filled, outdoor selfie. “I want to thank everyone for the flowers and the books and chocolates and cards and crystals and other incredible goodies.”

The actress also expressed gratitude for the little things. “Most importantly I want to thank God for giving me a good hair day. It was so, so appreciated.”

Hathaway is expecting her second child with businessman husband Adam Shulman, who she married in September 2012. The couple share a 3-year-old son, Jonathan.

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She announced her pregnancy on social media in August.

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“It’s not for a movie…⁣⁣#2” she wrote of the black and white photo showing off her bump.⁣ “⁣All kidding aside, for everyone going through infertility and conception hell, please know it was not a straight line to either of my pregnancies. Sending you extra love”

In an interview with The Associated Press, she shared she “didn’t just wave a magic wand” and conceive. “It’s more complicated than that.”

She also explained the motivation for the language of her pregnancy reveal post. 

“I was just aware of the fact that when it came time to post that I was pregnant, somebody was going to feel even more isolated because of it,” she said. “And I just wanted them to know they have a sister in me.”

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