911 was slow to respond to a drive-by shooting. An investigation found the supervisor had Netflix on

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Published 8: 38 AM EST Nov 6, 2019

 A 911 dispatch supervisor was found streaming Netflix at her workstation while dispatchers under her supervision mishandled a call from a person who was the victim of a drive-by shooting, an investigation has found. 

The incident, which took place June 9, per a report by Coral Springs police obtained by USA TODAY, found dispatch supervisor Julie Vidauddid not stop the call from being logged as a “suspicious incident” rather than a more urgent “shooting,” which led to a 34-minute delay to getting an officer to the scene.

The investigation was not able to determine what  Vidaud was doing at the time of the incident. She is facing discipline for “failure to supervise” and is expected to receive a two-day suspension without pay but will not be fired, police said.

Guadalupe Herrera, the caller in the incident as first reported by the South Florida Sun Sentinel, told dispatchers a bullet broke through her front windshield, nearly hitting her in her head. 

She was forced to drive herself to the police station after waiting for nearly 20 minutes for an officer, even though two dispatchers said that officers were on the way. Both dispatchers were fired, per the report.

Investigators found that the 911 supervisor was streaming the nearly two-hour long movie “I Am Mother” on Netflix using her work computer at the time of the call, though they did not determine if she was actively watching.

She told Sgt. Dave Kirkland that “she would have not been watching” during the call, but admitted that she streamed movies and TV shows in the background while she was working.

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 Vidaud is expected to be suspended for two days without pay but she will not be fired. 

Dispatchers were previously permitted to use the internet for personal business and to stream videos during downtime. The policy has since been changed to prohibit streaming during shifts, even during downtime, per the report. 

The person who shot at Herrera has been charged with premeditated attempted murder, Kirkland said. 

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