AI will have ‘bigger economic impact’ than Industrial Revolution, expert predicts

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By Jessica Frank-Keyes Emerging AI technologies will have a bigger impact on the global economy than the Industrial Revolution, a leading expert has predicted. Emad Mostaque, the founder of Stability AI, the maker of a free AI-image generating tool Stable Diffusion, has suggested artificial intelligence (AI) will be bigger than Google and Facebook within a decade. Speaking on the BBC’s Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg programme, Mostaque said he agreed with the UK’s former chief scientific advisor Sir Patrick Vallance about the effect of AI. “By next year this technology is going to be everything,… Read More “AI will have ‘bigger economic impact’ than Industrial Revolution, expert predicts”

Pierce Brosnan reveals secret to why he ‘never gets angry’

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Pierce Brosnan has declared he doesn’t get angry. The ‘GoldenEye’ actor, 69, who has used painting to channel his grief over the cancer deaths of his first wife Cassie and daughter Charlotte, said he also meditates to keep himself balanced. He told the latest US edition of Closer magazine: “I don’t get angry. I could get angry – but where would that anger go? “There would be no point.” Pierce added in a question and answer segment in the magazine titled ‘5 Things you Didn’t Know About Me’ he thinks meditation is key if you want to “quiet the mind”. The actor was left devastated when his first … Read More “Pierce Brosnan reveals secret to why he ‘never gets angry’”

Vast Announces the Haven-1 and Vast-1 Missions

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Vast, a pioneer in space habitation technologies, announced today their plans to launch the World’s first commercial space station, called Haven-1. Scheduled to launch on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket to low-Earth orbit no earlier than August 2025, Haven-1 will initially act as an independent crewed space station prior to being connected as a module to a larger Vast space station currently in development. The mission will be quickly followed by Vast-1, the first human spaceflight mission to Haven-1 on a SpaceX Dragon spacecraft. The vehicle and its four-person crew will dock with Haven-1 for up to … Read More “Vast Announces the Haven-1 and Vast-1 Missions”

Britain, Japan to reach new defense, technology agreement

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The British government said Saturday that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will visit Tokyo this week to sign a new bilateral defense and technology deal with Japan ahead of a Group of Seven summit in Hiroshima. The premier will also host a reception of business leaders as he looks to promote investment in Britain during his first visit to Japan since taking office last October. “I look forward to visiting Japan, a vital economic and defense partner for the U.K. in the Indo-Pacific,” Sunak said in a press release. The government did not elaborate on the new deal nor the details of the business leade… Read More “Britain, Japan to reach new defense, technology agreement”

Audio book narrators say AI is already taking away business

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New York (AFP) – As people brace for the disruptive impact of artificial intelligence on jobs and everyday living, those in the World of audio books say their field is already being transformed. AI has the ability to create human-sounding recordings — at assembly-line speed — while bypassing at least part of the services of the human professionals who for years have made a living with their voices. Many of them are already seeing a sharp drop off in business. Tanya Eby has been a full-time voice actor and professional narrator for 20 years. She has a recording studio in her home. But in the … Read More “Audio book narrators say AI is already taking away business”