SI:AM | Another Unsatisfying Conclusion for the Cowboys

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By Dan Gartland Mike McCarthy’s clock management is at the forefront after Sunday’s game. Good morning, I’m Dan Gartland. I’m still laughing about the Cowboys’ final play. In today’s SI:AM: ⏰ Dallas’s questionable time management 🏟️ The future of conference championship games 🐊 A messy recruiting saga If you’re reading this on, you can sign up to get this free newsletter in your inbox each weekday at Mike McCarthy’s baffling decision-makingAt the end of a weekend of playoff football that saw three games mostly wrapped up before the closing minutes, the Cowboys-49ers … Read More “SI:AM | Another Unsatisfying Conclusion for the Cowboys”

Microsoft invests billions in ChatGPT firm OpenAI

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Washington (AFP) – Microsoft on Monday said it had extended its partnership with OpenAI, the research lab and creator of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot that has sparked widespread fears of cheating in schools and universities. In a company blog post tweeted by CEO Satya Nadella, the tech giant announced a “multiyear, multibillion dollar investment to accelerate AI breakthroughs” that would be “broadly shared with the World.” OpenAI’s ChatGPT became an internet sensation when it was released without warning in November, allowing users to experiment with its ability to write essays,… Read More “Microsoft invests billions in ChatGPT firm OpenAI”

Have You Heard About The Rise Of Job Boomeranging?

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By Aoibhinn Mc Bride Have you heard of job boomeranging? The term relates to the concept of a former employee bouncing back to a company they once worked for, but left for pastures new. In some cases, those new pastures didn’t prove to be as green, exciting or enriching as promised, and instead of looking for another job, workers return to their previous employer instead. First coined by Anthony C. Klotz, associate professor of management at UCL School of Management in London, job boomeranging is a direct consequence of the trend for mass job quits, aka the Great Resignation (another term that… Read More “Have You Heard About The Rise Of Job Boomeranging?”

FEATURE: Japanese town set to OK country’s 1st “level-4” autonomous vehicles

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The central Japan town of Eiheiji, known for its ancient Zen Buddhist temple in Fukui Prefecture, is set to be the first place in the country to adopt a new type of autonomous self-driving vehicle, hoping to pioneer investment in what could become an important future technology. According to the transport ministry, “level-4” self-driving autonomous vehicles are slated to begin operating in the town from fiscal 2023 starting April, the first time authorities in Japan will give the go-ahead for such a project. Autonomous vehicles are expected to become an essential means of transportation in reg… Read More “FEATURE: Japanese town set to OK country’s 1st “level-4” autonomous vehicles”