‘Tower of Fantasy’ Is Out Now, Many Fans Say It’s A Ripoff Of ‘Genshin Impact’

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Tower of Fantasy has begun its global launch, and fans are quickly taking to the internet to voice their concern that the game bears a striking semblance to a certain game. The game is described as an open-World RPG with broad levels of customization and contains a World filled with unique wanderers. According to developers, TOF is “set in a dystopian sci-fi future on the planet of Aida where prototowers have been built to harvest Omnium, a resource that’s both precious but also responsible for transforming animals into monsters, it’s a central conflict as two factions have formed, one that is… Read More “‘Tower of Fantasy’ Is Out Now, Many Fans Say It’s A Ripoff Of ‘Genshin Impact’”

SI’s Preseason College Football Top 25

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Sports Illustrated

By Pat Forde Led by a familiar face, here’s how things stack up heading into the 2022 season. The 2022 college football season is less than two weeks away, with Week Zero looming Aug. 27. Before things kick off on the gridiron, Sports Illustrated is revealing its preseason top 25 ranking. 1. Alabama: If 13–2 was a “rebuilding year,” heaven help all Crimson Tide opponents this time around. Alabama has the best player in college football in linebacker Will Anderson Jr. leading a ferocious defense. It has the returning Heisman Trophy winner in quarterback Bryce Young. It has the GOAT coach in Nic… Read More “SI’s Preseason College Football Top 25”

Boy loses part of leg to shark bite off Florida coast

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Washington (AFP) – A 10-year-old boy had part of his leg amputated after being bitten by a shark while snorkeling on vacation in the Florida Keys, his family has said. Jameson Reeder Jr. was attacked on Saturday at Looe Key Reef, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said in a statement. A Facebook post by his uncle Joshua Reeder said Jameson had gone on a boat trip with his parents and three other siblings and was snorkeling in a shallow reef when he “took a crushing blow below his knee,” by what they believed was an eight-foot-long bull shark. Jameson was able to hold on to a… Read More “Boy loses part of leg to shark bite off Florida coast”

‘Bring back Wash!’ Beloved former Texas Rangers manager unlikely option, despite fans.

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Fort Worth Star-Telegram

That didn’t take long. As soon as the news hit Monday that the Texas Rangers had fired Chris Woodward, the calls for his replacement came fast and loud on social media. And one particular name kept coming up, underlined by memorable gifs and images from some of the greatest memories in Rangers history. Ron Washington was trending on Twitter deep into the night and Tuesday morning as “Bring Back Wash” became a rallying cry for flustered and frustrated Rangers fans in the wake of Woodward’s departure. Rangers third-base coach Tony Beasley was named the interim manager for the final six weeks of … Read More “‘Bring back Wash!’ Beloved former Texas Rangers manager unlikely option, despite fans.”

A Very Popular Band Is Returning to Las Vegas

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The Street

By Colette Bennett Get ready to rock out this November on The Strip. There’s no shortage of things to see in Las Vegas, whether you love to gamble, can’t get enough of buffets, or enjoy seeing exclusive performances especially created for the glitzy vibe of Sin City. But as much fun as those things are to do, anything gets old when you’ve done enough of it, and you’ll find yourself in the mood for a change of pace. Luckily, Las Vegas is an ever-changing wonderland, and has no shortage of new things coming soon for both regular visitors and those brand new to visiting the area. Naturally, Vegas… Read More “A Very Popular Band Is Returning to Las Vegas”

NASA Awards Next-Generation Spaceflight Computing Processor Contract

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Cerebral Overload

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California has selected Microchip Technology Inc. of Chandler, Arizona, to develop a High-Performance Spaceflight Computing (HPSC) processor that will provide at least 100 times the computational capacity of current spaceflight computers. This key capability would advance all types of future space missions, from planetary exploration to lunar and Mars surface missions. “This cutting-edge spaceflight processor will have a tremendous impact on our future space missions and even technologies here on Earth,” said Niki Werkheiser, director of technology … Read More “NASA Awards Next-Generation Spaceflight Computing Processor Contract”

OK Google, get me a Coke: AI giant demos soda-fetching robots

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By Paresh Dave MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (Reuters) – Alphabet Inc’s Google is combining the eyes and arms of physical robots with the knowledge and conversation skills of virtual chatbots to help its employees fetch soda and chips from breakrooms with ease. The mechanical waiters, shown in action to reporters last week, embody an artificial intelligence breakthrough that paves the way for multipurpose robots as easy to control as ones that perform single, structured tasks such as vacuuming or standing guard. Google robots are not ready for sale. They perform only a few dozen simple actions, and th… Read More “OK Google, get me a Coke: AI giant demos soda-fetching robots”

Utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve both your long-term sustainability and your bottom line

Artificial intelligence(AI) can be beneficial to humans, other species, and the environment when used correctly. It is impossible to imagine the Fourth Industrial Revolution without AI, which is the underlying technology of big data, robots, and the internet of things (IOT). There are a lot of different ways to look at it. A computer system’s […] read more Utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve both your long-term sustainability and your bottom line Read More “Utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve both your long-term sustainability and your bottom line”

The Importance of Creativity in the Workplace

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The cornerstones of productivity are staying organized, mission-driven, and efficient. But, staying creative shouldn’t come at the expense of those pillars. On the contrary, creativity is becoming an increasingly valuable asset in the workplace for both individuals and teams. Furthermore, the World Economic Forum states that creativity is or is related to nine of the ten skills that will define the World in 2020 and beyond. In addition to increasing confidence and collaboration, being creative increases problem-solving skills. But that’s not all. In business, creativity has the following benef… Read More “The Importance of Creativity in the Workplace”

State attorneys general unite against robocalls

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Nothing has been able to kill scam robocalls — not federal regulation, not individual state lawsuits, not private software. Each effort has made a dent, but the unwanted calls keep on coming, much to the consternation of Americans on the receiving end. Now, all 50 state attorneys general, Republicans and Democrats, have come together through a newly formed task force to go after U.S. telecommunications companies that allow robocalls originating overseas to reach their customers. Stopping nuisance calls from foreign countries has been particularly challenging. The AGs have put telecom companies… Read More “State attorneys general unite against robocalls”