Ask Anna: On social media double standards and derriere errors

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Dear Anna, My fiance, who is 35, follows a lot of sexual accounts on Instagram (around 30-40), some of whom are very young, like 18. If he followed girls who were a reasonable age, it actually wouldn’t bother me as much, but as it is now, I’m pretty creeped out. Also, a couple of years ago I was doing something similar, following people on OnlyFans, and he blew up and said he didn’t want to be with someone who did that. Yet it’s acceptable for him to follow all these accounts that are doing exactly that! I don’t know If I have a right to be angry or if I’m just insecure. — In No Search of Teen… Read More “Ask Anna: On social media double standards and derriere errors”

Lola Montez Was A Famous Mistress—With A Chilling Dark Side

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Some women rise to glory in broad daylight, but Lola Montez played a shadowy game of thrones. Her exploits in royal bedchambers make women like Madame de Pompadour look saint-like in comparison, yet when it comes to this temptress’s dark, glittering life, that’s only the beginning. After all, as Alexandre Dumas once wrote, “She is fatal to any man who dares to love her.” He was right. Lola Montez Facts1. She Got a Tragic StartLola Montez’s birth matches the rest of her dangerous life. Born Eliza Rosanna Gilbert to a prominent Irish family in 1821, her humble beginnings soon turned tragic. Shor… Read More “Lola Montez Was A Famous Mistress—With A Chilling Dark Side”

It’s A Sweet Time To Buy The J M Smucker Co

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The J M Smucker Co Returns To TrendThe price action in The J M Smucker Co (NYSE:SJM) has been volatile over the past few years but there is a key takeaway in the chart. The price action began an uptrend well before the pandemic set in and the post-pandemic action has only confirmed that trend. The takeaway today is that shares of The J M Smucker Co are trading at the lowest levels in 7 months and offering a sweet deal for investors. Trading at this level the stock is a value relative to the broad market and its peers and it pays a very healthy dividend. The stock is trading at 14.4X its Market… Read More “It’s A Sweet Time To Buy The J M Smucker Co”

It’s Time To PLAY With Dave & Buster’s

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Dave & Busters Surpasses 2019 Results, Shares PopAfter a year of uncertainty, it looks like the Dave & Buster’s Entertainment (NASDAQ:PLAY) recovery is gaining momentum. The company reported revenue total revenue and comps well above the 2019 levels which bring us to an important point. The stock was trading at least 25% above the current levels in 2019 with comp-sales 10% lower and net sales 24% lower. In this light, we can’t help but think the stock is grossly undervalued at these levels and on the way higher. Based on the guidance, we think much higher. Q1 2022 hedge fund letters, conferenc… Read More “It’s Time To PLAY With Dave & Buster’s”

COVID-19 still surging in California’s capital region. Will subvariants lead to even more?

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The Sacramento Bee

A major Sacramento K-12 district has returned to indoor masking, a Bay Area county of more than 1.6 million people has reverted to a countywide mask mandate, and transmission and hospitalization rates for COVID-19 continue to swell throughout California as a new pair of omicron subvariants make up a growing footprint of cases. The California Department of Public Health on Tuesday reported the statewide case rate at 30.5 per 100,000 residents. California’s case rate dropped by 11% compared to one week earlier. But that decline came as test positivity increased by nearly a third, up from 6.7% to… Read More “COVID-19 still surging in California’s capital region. Will subvariants lead to even more?”

Kirk Hammett Says Metallica Warned Everyone About Music Streaming

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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that music streaming services don’t generate high payouts for artists, unless they’re getting millions and millions of streams. This has been a widely-discussed topic over the last few years, and Kirk Hammett said that Metallica tried to warn everyone about such platforms back when they had their issues with Napster in the early 2000s. Metallica took Napster to court in 2000 over copyright infringement — the digital service allowed anyone on the internet to share and download music illegally. It was the first case where an artist had sued a peer-to-pe… Read More “Kirk Hammett Says Metallica Warned Everyone About Music Streaming”

Why You Need to Try Roasting Your Own Coffee Beans

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By Joe Rosenthal It seems like the kind of thing that would cross your mind during a pandemic lockdown – like picking up a new BBQ technique or learning how to rebuild a set of carburetors. But for some reason the thought came to me a few years before the pandemic. A barista was handing me a coffee one morning and I thought to myself: How many cups of coffee have I had in my life? I’ve been drinking coffee since freshman year in college. I drink a lot of it: 5-6 cups a day on average. That’s about 74,000 cups of the stuff. And yet, I had never thought about how to roast a coffee bean. Is it di… Read More “Why You Need to Try Roasting Your Own Coffee Beans”

Reels on your computer and Twitter’s ‘Communities’: the social networks’ latest time-saving features

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How can users be encouraged to create content and enable them to do it as quickly and easily as possible? The battle to maintain users and attract new ones continues to rage on social networks. Meta, Twitter and Pinterest have all announced new options to make their tools even easier to use. We take stock.  More tools in order to make creation of Reels even easier Meta is continually refining its latest tool, Reels. While the format was originally designed for use on smartphones, it is now also available on computer. Users can now “can now create, edit and publish Facebook Reels from [their] w… Read More “Reels on your computer and Twitter’s ‘Communities’: the social networks’ latest time-saving features”

Azerbaijani oil prices up

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By Trend The price of Azeri LT CIF Augusta, produced at theAzeri-Chirag-Deepwater Gunashli (ACG) field, increased by $1.2 onJune 6 compared to the previous price, settling at $127.13 perbarrel, Trend reports referring to the source from thecountry’s oil and gas market. The price of Azeri LT FOB Ceyhan on June 6 amounted to $126.07per barrel, also up by $1.2 as compared to the previous price. Azerbaijan also sells its URALS oil from the Russian Black Seaport of Novorossiysk, delivering it through the Baku-Novorossiyskpipeline. The price of URALS with shipment from the port equaled $85.55per bar… Read More “Azerbaijani oil prices up”

‘GeoGuessr’ has players figuring out where they are in the

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Berlin (dpa) — Okay, so that kind of looks like Africa, but where exactly? French words on the sign at the shop. So maybe not Kenya, but perhaps Senegal? Correct! On to the next photo: Rolling hills, twilight, the colours a bit dull, sand and conifers. Finland or Estonia? No, it’s Latvia! In “GeoGuessr”, a game for Android, iOS, and browsers, you have to combine detective skills with travel experience, general knowledge, speed, and sometimes a good dose of luck. Players need to analyse a section of Google Street View to find out where the picture was taken — trying to be faster than their oppo… Read More “‘GeoGuessr’ has players figuring out where they are in the