Can the ‘Gato’ AI model out-perform human intelligence?

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Deepmind, a subsidiary of Alphabet specializing in artificial intelligence, recently presented its “Gato” model. This so-called “general-purpose” AI model can reportedly perform more than 600 different tasks. And, in many of these tasks, the AI might even perform better than a human being. Could Deepmind have built the first general-purpose artificial intelligence model, i.e., a model capable of learning several tasks at once, whereas most AI models are trained for a specific purpose? Since the American company unveiled its new work, the question has been spurring reaction from computer expert… Read More “Can the ‘Gato’ AI model out-perform human intelligence?”

Elon Musk Revives Debate Over CIA Spying

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The Street

By Luc Olinga The CEO of Tesla and space company SpaceX doesn’t hesitate to get involved in anything. Elon Musk is operating on all fronts. He is almost everywhere. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t tweet. When it’s not news about one of his multiple companies — Tesla (TSLA) – Get Tesla Inc Report, SpaceX, The Boring Company, Neuralink — he posts about politics, geopolitical affairs, or engages with his millions of followers on a variety of topics, ranging from his states of mind to metaphysical questions such as happiness. Often the tweets are about his quarrels and enmities. Basically, whe… Read More “Elon Musk Revives Debate Over CIA Spying”

Michael Jordan Trending Following Bizarre Claim This Week

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The Spun

By Andrew McCarty Earlier this week, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith made a wild claim that Michael Jordan changed the game of basketball for the worse. “Michael Jordan is responsible, as much as anybody, for changing the game for the worse!” Smith said on First Take. He went on to explain that the marketing of Jordan during his reign with the Chicago Bulls changed the dynamic of basketball. The focus shifted to the individual player as opposed to the team or the system, Smith suggested. Of course, social media couldn’t quite believe what Smith was saying this week. NBA superstar Kevin Durant made his… Read More “Michael Jordan Trending Following Bizarre Claim This Week”

Why Microsoft’s Warning Could be Good News

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By Riley Gutiérrez McDermid Fuzzy math seems to be going out of style. Just a few months ago, being a tech company meant something very specific and brought a certain cachet to most market watchers. After riding the ebbs and flows of the Great Recession, weathering the pandemic and finding itself more popular than ever as bored users on lockdown binged its products, tech was riding high. That was particularly true for the FAANG companies — Facebook (now Meta (FB) – Get Meta Platforms Inc. Class A Report), Amazon (AMZN) – Get, Inc. Report, Apple (AAPL) – Get Apple Inc. Report, Netfli… Read More “Why Microsoft’s Warning Could be Good News”

Trailblazers Bubba Wallace, David Steward on the Illinois 300, diversity in NASCAR

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St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The relationship started with a sponsorship, the type of big financial commitment every NASCAR driver needs to keep running in the Cup series, the top level of the country’s biggest form of racing. Yet, underlying the standard business deal involving St. Louis businessman David Steward and Bubba Wallace in 2018 was a dynamic that would create a force for change. Steward founded and owns World Wide Technology, the largest Black-owned company in the country. Wallace is the lone Black driver in the Cup series. Since their first meeting, some well-publicized and lesser-known events have helped alt… Read More “Trailblazers Bubba Wallace, David Steward on the Illinois 300, diversity in NASCAR”

NAMM Show returns to Anaheim as streamlined, safety-first live event

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The San Diego Union-Tribune

SAN DIEGO — How will the NAMM Show — the World’s largest and oldest annual music instrument, equipment and technology show — pivot back to being a live event this weekend after canceling last year’s edition because of the COVID-19 pandemic? —By proceeding with an abundance of caution and by offering on-site rapid antigen and PCR testing to attendees, along with N95 and surgical masks. —By shifting from its traditional winter-time slot from January to June, streamlining this year’s edition from four days to three and consolidating it with the 2022 summer NAMM show, which will resume in Nashvill… Read More “NAMM Show returns to Anaheim as streamlined, safety-first live event”

Journalists in Turkey could face three years in prison for disseminating ‘false information’ online

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Global Voices

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash Turkey’s far-right Nationalist Movement (MH) Party announced on May 17 that reviews of the country’s controversial disinformation billwere finalized, and the draft bill was working its way through parliament as of May 26. Critics claim the bill is yet another attempt to stifle freedom of speech and the press. The disinformation bill was developed by the ruling Justice and Development (AK) and Nationalist Movement (MH) Party members and has been in the works since last year. The coalition representatives claim the bill is similar to existing legislation in Eu… Read More “Journalists in Turkey could face three years in prison for disseminating ‘false information’ online”

Tunisian women fight for right to freeze their eggs

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Singer and performer Nermine Sfar has resparked the debate over Tunisian women’s right to freeze their eggs, after revealing she intends to undergo the procedure to preserve her right to motherhood. Sfar, who is in her thirties, announced her decision via a Facebook post earlier this year, triggering wide-ranging reactions across social media, some critical and others expressing solidarity with the singer. At the forefront of her supporters were feminist activists who demanded changes to the laws governing reproductive medicine, which currently deprives some women of their right to motherhood…. Read More “Tunisian women fight for right to freeze their eggs”

‘Warped Kart Racers’, the Mario Kart clone with Family Guy characters

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Hardcore Mario Kart fans were probably shocked when they first heard of ‘Warped Kart Racers’: Apple Arcade’s new kart racing game is a blatant clone of the popular gaming franchise, but with one big difference: Instead of Mario, Peach and Donkey Kong, you will be racing with characters from popular adult cartoons. Players can choose between the animated stars from “American Dad”, “King of the Hill”, “Solar Opposites” and “Family Guy”. And instead of racing through the Mario Kart universe, you can select from different maps pulled from the shows. Being Family Guy’s Peter Griffin is probably an … Read More “‘Warped Kart Racers’, the Mario Kart clone with Family Guy characters”

How NILs Could Keep Door Open for HBCUs to Land Top Recruits

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Sports Illustrated

By Jason Jordan A collective shift in mindset from a deep pool of successful HBCU alumni may go a long way toward balancing the recruiting landscape. To hear Nick Saban tell it, historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) are thriving in the NIL era by shelling out million-dollar paydays to the country’s top athletes and closing the talent gap between Power 5s and mid-majors in one fell swoop. “I don’t even make a million!” Jackson State football coach Deion Sanders tweeted in response to Saban’s unsubstantiated claim that Sanders paid Travis Hunter, the No. 1 prospect in the SI99 rec… Read More “How NILs Could Keep Door Open for HBCUs to Land Top Recruits”