How a Syrian Civil War child refugee overcame the odds to become a pro gamer

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A Fortnite professional player for Team 33, Mony is only 18 years old and has already earned over $41,000 in winnings from his successful career. But long before Mony ever dropped from his first battle bus in 2017, he was already beating the odds. As a child refugee of the Syria Civil War, Mony’s is a story of violence and survival, fear and courage; a story of airstrikes and bomb rains as everyday events and living under siege, hoping to one day escape the gehenna of war. * * * Chapter I: WarBorn in Syria in 2003, Mony lived there with his family for the first 12 years of his life. Until he w… Read More “How a Syrian Civil War child refugee overcame the odds to become a pro gamer”

Dave Chappelle saga: Woke Netflix SJWs threaten walkout, CEO caves

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WASHINGTON – Until a couple of days ago, I’d only know about comedian Dave Chappelle by reading the occasional PC snipe-fests aimed at his direction. Apparently, his brand of standup comedy is “controversial.” By which is apparently meant today that the stories and jokes in Chappelle’s latest Netflix special are aimed at anyone who acts like an idiot, without regard to the target’s race, color, ethnicity or national origin. Dave Chappelle and the ongoing Woke Zombie ApocalypseOdd? Isn’t idiocy what standup comedy is generally about? At least until the current era of “social justice,” wokism, g… Read More “Dave Chappelle saga: Woke Netflix SJWs threaten walkout, CEO caves”

Alibaba, eBay Count On DeFi To Ride E-Commerce Wave, Finds GlobalData

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As the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the consumer shift to online shopping, decentralized finance (DeFi) gets a foothold in the e-commerce industry on the back of decentralization merits. This has prompted the e-commerce giants Alibaba and eBay to explore the potential of DeFi to avoid middlemen like financial institutions and consolidate their market position, finds GlobalData, a leading data, and analytics company. Q3 2021 hedge fund letters, conferences and more Kiran Raj, Principal Disruptive Tech Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “In the current centralized marketplace, e-commerce play… Read More “Alibaba, eBay Count On DeFi To Ride E-Commerce Wave, Finds GlobalData”

Green Bay Packers Trade Deadline Preview

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The Green Bay Packers currently hold the third seed in the NFC playoff race. They have won five straight games since losing to the New Orleans Saints in Week 1. Making major strides on the defensive side of the ball, the team ranks fourth against the pass with just over 206 yards given up per game. They also rank fifth in total yards given up, with 332 surrendered on average. Once again led by star quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the 37-year-old signal-caller ranks 10th in the league with 12 passing scores through six weeks. In addition to this, Davante Adams is pacing all wideouts in receiving yar… Read More “Green Bay Packers Trade Deadline Preview”

5 Industries Benefiting from Improved Productivity and Efficiency

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Over the past few centuries, society has undergone several Industrial Revolutions where improved productivity was the main focus. Each one introduced different kinds of innovations like mechanized fabric making, product standardization, and digital communications. Certainly, they were different in terms of what they brought to the societal table. Yet, they all had one thing in common: They enabled exciting methods of workforce efficiency on unparalleled scales. Today, we’re nestled somewhere around the Fourth or Fifth Industrial Revolution. As a result, efficiency and its cousin, productivity,… Read More “5 Industries Benefiting from Improved Productivity and Efficiency”

Readworthy — Atlas of AI by Kate Crawford

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Artificial intelligence has been integrated into our everyday lives to a shocking degree. Walking down the street, we may not be consciously thinking about this. Understanding the process of this relentless integration can help us all know how our current reality has come to be. The new book, by Australian author Dr. Kate Crawford, Atlas of AI: Power, Politics, and the Planetary Costs of Artificial Intelligence helps to bring these two words down to earth, grounding the concept in social, political, environmental, and economic realities. Crawford has put in the hours to understand AI, and now … Read More “Readworthy — Atlas of AI by Kate Crawford”

Egypt detains ’s first robot artist Ai-Da

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A hyper-realistic robot called Ai-Da was detained by Egypt customs over concerns of espionage as she travelled to the country to exhibit her art. Security forces detained Ai-Da, one of the World’s first artificial intelligence artists, for ten days. She and her sculpture were flown to Cairo in specialised flight cases ahead of the “Forever is Now” exhibition, which runs until 7 November. According to Aidan Meller, one of the creators of Ai-Da, the border guards were concerned that she had a modem – a hardware device that converts data from a digital format – and cameras in her eyes, which she … Read More “Egypt detains ’s first robot artist Ai-Da”

Is a name change on the cards for Facebook?

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The news has sent shockwaves through the World of social media. In fact, soon Facebook may no longer even exist — sort of — as Mark Zuckerberg could soon unveil a new name for his group. Due to recent bad press, the American giant could be considering rebranding. Is Facebook set to disappear? So reports The Verge, in any case. According to the American media, Mark Zuckerberg is poised to announce a new name for his Facebook company, which encompasses, among other things, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus applications. For the American giant, this rebranding would put the group’s socia… Read More “Is a name change on the cards for Facebook?”

Why Do Men Keep Their Shirts on During Sex?

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By Kayla Kibbe I have a few questions for men who keep their shirts on during sex, namely: Why? As a woman who refused to remove her bra during sex for the first four years of my sex-having career because I was afraid my tits were weird, I don’t really have any business questioning anyone else’s choice tokeep an article of clothing on during the act. But as a sex writer — or, as Carrie Bradshaw once embarrassingly put it, “sort of a sexual anthropologist” — it’s kind of my job. So let’s move on with this friendly interrogation, shall we? This is a phenomenon that I’ve noticed occasionally and … Read More “Why Do Men Keep Their Shirts on During Sex?”

Enter the Zuckerverse? Social media churns with new names for Facebook

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By Nivedita Balu and Antonio Denti (Reuters) – Zuckerverse. Timesuck. Faceplant. They’re just a few of the suggestions being bandied around online following reports that Facebook plans to rebrand itself with a new group name. The company refused to comment on rumor or speculation, of course, but the Twitterati had no problem. The debate careered from sensible to screwball to strange. “Meta” was one of the more sober trending suggestions, referring to Facebook’s reported desire to assume a name that focuses on the metaverse, a virtual environment where users can hang out. Bookface, Facegram, Fa… Read More “Enter the Zuckerverse? Social media churns with new names for Facebook”