Literacy and open paths

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Philippine Star

In a time when the written word is everywhere – social media, shop fronts, health protocol reminders – it’s easy for many adults to take literacy for granted. But on the eve of International Literacy Day, it’s important to remind ourselves not only of the importance of literacy, but also what it means to be literate and the challenges many face to become literate or to teach these skills to others. Even when using the simplest definition of literacy, that of the ability to read and write, it’s important to remember the miraculous magnitude of this skill. As noted by experts such as Maryanne Wo… Read More “Literacy and open paths”

How Cryptocurrency Is Creeping Into Our Lifestyles

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The pandemic-driven acceleration towards a digital society came about just as the cryptocurrency markets were starting to gear up for their next big bull run. And unlike 2017, when most projects consisted of nothing more than a token, a white paper, and a vaguely marketable pitch, things are different this time around. The serious entrepreneurs and innovators in the burgeoning cryptocurrency space have now had several years to develop apps and services that are both operational and offer value. Q2 2021 hedge fund letters, conferences and more What’s more, the progress towards digitization that… Read More “How Cryptocurrency Is Creeping Into Our Lifestyles”

Virtual socializing apps boomed in the pandemic. But can they last?

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For its first few years, Teleparty seemed doomed to be a niche product. The browser extension, which lets multiple people sync up their Netflix accounts so they can watch the same thing at the same time, was a hit among couples in long-distance relationships. Otherwise, few people had even heard of it. And then, in March 2020, the app suddenly found itself with a planet’s worth of potential users. Lockdowns weren’t so great for cinemas or the economy as a whole. But for Teleparty, they were “a huge accelerant,” chief executive Shaurya Jain says. “We definitely grew a lot.” And they weren’t alo… Read More “Virtual socializing apps boomed in the pandemic. But can they last?”

Trevor Bauer May Face Suspension In Sexual Assault Scandal

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Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer hasn’t started a game since June 28, as his professional and legal future hangs in uncertainty amid a highly publicized sexual assault scandal involving him and a woman. Bauer is accused of choking and hitting a woman during sex without her consent, among other actions detailed in the accuser’s graphic testimony. These serious allegations featured in the civil case include “putting his finger down [her] throat in an aggressive manner … wrapping [her] hair around [her] neck” until she lost consciousness, as well as punching the woman in the face and vagi… Read More “Trevor Bauer May Face Suspension In Sexual Assault Scandal”

As mysterious disease kills Florida’s reefs, a massive ‘Noah’s Ark’ effort tries to save them

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Miami Herald

MIAMI — In 2014, a mysterious coral disease known as Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease was first identified off Miami. In the years since, it has raged like an underwater wildfire, becoming what some scientists call the worst marine epidemic they have ever witnessed. Stony coral disease has scorched the already struggling reefs of South Florida and caused some species like Florida’s picturesque pillar coral to go locally extinct. And now its spreading fast through the Caribbean. The threat is so serious that it has produced an unprecedented national research and “Noah’s Ark” rescue effort, where… Read More “As mysterious disease kills Florida’s reefs, a massive ‘Noah’s Ark’ effort tries to save them”