When Guns N’ Roses Got ‘Out There’ on the Furious ‘Perfect Crime’

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Despite occasionally getting lumped in with their heavier peers, Guns N’ Roses were never a metal band, owing a greater debt to blooze-rock bilge rats like Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones than Judas Priest or Metallica. But on Use Your Illusion I, they threw their headbanger fans a bone with the furious, speed-metal maelstrom “Perfect Crime.” Clocking in at two minutes and 23 seconds — the shortest song on Use Your Illusion I — “Perfect Crime” wastes no time on pleasantries. Slash‘s machine-gun riffing blows the door off its hinges, clearing a path for Axl Rose‘s sandpapery screams and motorm… Read More “When Guns N’ Roses Got ‘Out There’ on the Furious ‘Perfect Crime’”

Sacha Baron Cohen feels frustrated by COVID-19 lies

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Sacha Baron Cohen is bemused by the lack of action against COVID-19 lies. The 49-year-old comedian can’t understand why more isn’t being done to tackle misinformation about coronavirus on social media. Sacha said: “Listen, I’m a comedian, so don’t take anything I say too seriously. But if you think the fundamental responsibility of government is to safeguard the lives of its people and there were powerful companies spreading lies that killed people … Well, you would think government would try to stop those lies, either by legislation or by fines. “There were thousands of people dying from mi… Read More “Sacha Baron Cohen feels frustrated by COVID-19 lies”

Wolves Esports enter King Pro League following team acquisition

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Wolves Esports, the esports division of UK football club Wolverhampton Wanderers, has entered Arena of Valor’s King Pro League (KPL) through the acquisition of Chongqing QGhappy by parent company Fosun Sports. Following the acquisition, the KPL team will change its name to Chongqing Wolves and will continue as the home team for southwest China’s Chongqing region. [img] RELATED: Wolves partner with Weibo eSports to enter esports in China Based in China, Fosun Sports is the parent company of Wolves. The move sees the Chinese conglomerate expand its esports footprint by entering the KPL, the bigg… Read More “Wolves Esports enter King Pro League following team acquisition”

Weather Is Getting More Extreme. How Should Power Grids Respond?

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By Tobias Carroll When Tropical Storm Henri struck New Jersey in late August, Governor Phil Murphy took to the airwaves and advised the state’s residents to avoid power lines that might have been downed in the storm. With weather growing more extreme as a result of climate change, it’s worth considering the challenge that this weather poses to the electrical grid. Unfortunately, some obvious alternatives have problems of their own — the same storm that knocks down power lines situated above ground can also flood power lines buried underground. At The Washington Post, Dalvin Brown offered an in… Read More “Weather Is Getting More Extreme. How Should Power Grids Respond?”