Here’s what the $52 billion CHIPS Act means for regular people

On Monday, President Biden signed into law the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022, a $280 billion bill that paves the way for new chip foundries to be built on US soil. It’s a significant investment in the domestic semiconductor industry, with $52 billion specifically marked for manufacturing and research. For those of us who don’t spend our time analyzing the geopolitical chess moves made by countries, this news may sound irrelevant to everyday life. But there are practical benefits to the USA reasserting its presence in chip manufacturing—ones that even we normal citizens will see, either directl… Read More “Here’s what the $52 billion CHIPS Act means for regular people”

Commuter numbers into City of London nearly double with Wednesdays and Thursdays busiest

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City AM

By Michiel Willems Commuter numbers into the City of London have nearly doubled since last year and the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions in England, according to new data from mobile operator O2. The network said the data – which it gathered based on connections to O2 mobile masts in major commuter, hospitality and retail hubs – had found that peak commuter volumes in the City had risen by 96 per cent compared to July last year, when Covid rules were relaxed, but were still 27 per cent down on pre-pandemic levels. According to the figures, commuters are also settling into new weekly routines, … Read More “Commuter numbers into City of London nearly double with Wednesdays and Thursdays busiest”

TikTok Classics: why has TikTok re-recorded its iconic songs with an orchestra?

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Euronews (English)

With today’s release of the album ‘TikTok Classics’, a collection of 18 hits propelled into the mainstream by the social media platform and reworked with a classical orchestra, Euronews Culture dives into the tracklist and talks with the Head of Music Operations DE at TikTok… “Oh no. Oh no. Oh no no no no no.” “It’s M to the B.” “Into the thick of it.” If any of these phrases mean anything to you, it’s probably because you’ve been sucked into the astonishingly addictive World of TikTok music. Anyone who’s spent more than a few minutes scrolling through TikTok will have noticed there is a rel… Read More “TikTok Classics: why has TikTok re-recorded its iconic songs with an orchestra?”

Saving power: E-cars of the future will be streamlined lightweights

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Faster, more powerful, more comfortable – competition is tough in the electric car market. The race for customer satisfaction has been leading to ever greater power consumption. But car makers are now fighting that trend by making their cars more energy efficient. As Mercedes demonstrated earlier this year with its EQXX Vision study, consumption of less than 10 kWh per 100 kilometres is possible. During a long-distance test drive, the concept car used 8.7 kWh/100 km. In comparison, a compact VW ID.3 consumes an average of at least 14.9 kWh/100 km, according to the WLTP measurement method, whil… Read More “Saving power: E-cars of the future will be streamlined lightweights”

Braves’ Prospect Vaughn Grissom Has Stellar Debut

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The Atlanta Braves know how to develop talent, there’s no secret about that. But a call-up having such a good debut is very rare and could be indicative of what is to come for a promising prospect. For the Braves, they hope Vaughn Grissom will be that promising star. In his debut, Grissom hit a homer to the delight of Braves fans and himself. A call-up from Double-A, Grissom hit a dinger into the upper deck in the seventh inning for his first MLB hit ever. “I didn’t feel a thing. I didn’t feel one thing,” Grissom said. “Literally, I hit it and blacked out until I saw my first-base coach and ju… Read More “Braves’ Prospect Vaughn Grissom Has Stellar Debut”

What to look for in a CRT monitor: The ultimate guide for retro gamers

CRT monitors have surged back to relevance on a wave of nostalgia, driven by the exploding popularity of retro gaming. Unfortunately, most of the reviews, specification sheets, and comparison data that once existed has vanished from the Internet, making it difficult to know what you should look for while scanning eBay and Craigslist ads. If you’re looking for a newer display filled with the latest and greatest goodies, our guides to the best PC monitors, best 4K monitors, and best gaming monitors can help you find the perfect fit for your needs. But this particular guide will get you up to dat… Read More “What to look for in a CRT monitor: The ultimate guide for retro gamers”

Tokyo Cafes With Free WiFi

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Savvy Tokyo

Sometimes working from home can be distracting. If you’re looking for where to go for a change of pace and a good cup of coffee to go along with it, read on to know more. Tokyo has a great range of cafes, but many don’t offer free wireless internet access or power outlets. So, for the benefit of those with a computer in hand, a deadline on the horizon and an urgent need for caffeine, here are our top spots in the capital with free wifi. Whether you’re frantically hitting the books or a freelancer needing time out of the house, let this be a starting point for getting things done. Coffee Valley… Read More “Tokyo Cafes With Free WiFi”

Notre Dame Football: All-Time Fighting Irish Team

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Athlon Sports

By Aaron Tallent Here is a lineup of the best coaches and players in Notre Dame Fighting Irish program history. Notre Dame enters the season ranked fifth in the preseason AP poll. Over its nearly 140-year history, the Fighting Irish have won 11 national titles and more than 900 games. Related: 10 Greatest Notre Dame Football Teams of All Time As I recently did with Georgia, if one were to take the best players and coaches from all of Notre Dame’s teams (based on their level of success in college and/or the NFL) to put together an all-time lineup, the Irish would have a Super Bowl-caliber team…. Read More “Notre Dame Football: All-Time Fighting Irish Team”

C.J. Stroud Has Encouraging Comment On Ohio State Defense

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By Alek Arend Last year, Ohio State’s defense was a major weakness, as was evident in Week 2 of the 2022 season when Oregon stomped on the Buckeyes in The Shoe with a physical rushing attack. To get back on the national stage, the Ohio State defense has to improve this fall. Ryan Day is well aware of the weakness. He went out and hired one of the top defensive coordinators in the country and Jim Knowles. It already sounds like the move is paying off. Stroud told reporters this week that the new Buckeyes defense is “making me a smarter football player.” It’s a clear indication the unit is more … Read More “C.J. Stroud Has Encouraging Comment On Ohio State Defense”

Billionaire Mark Cuban Denounces the Excesses of the Metaverse

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The Street

By Luc Olinga The successful entrepreneur is an evangelist of the crypto industry but he is also one of its fiercest critics and has just proved it once again. Mark Cuban is a crypto industry evangelist. He has invested in many projects and is a fervent supporter of Ethereum, whose platform allows the development of apps dedicated to decentralized finance (Dapps), the creation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other uses. Ether, the native token of Ethereum, is the second cryptocurrency by market value after bitcoin. Its value should go up further in the coming months due to a big change expec… Read More “Billionaire Mark Cuban Denounces the Excesses of the Metaverse”